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InteliCoat's greatest assets are our technical and marketing specialists. Our customers value the innovation, quality and handling of InteliCoat brand substrates. All this is possible because of our teams and their leaders.

We invite you to work with us, and we welcome your feedback. 

Chris McInerney
President & Chief Executive Officer                                                                         cmcinerney@intelicoat.com                                                                                                          (413) 539-5353

Tom Moore
Chief Financial Officer                                                                                             tmoore@intelicoat.com                                                                                                           (413) 539-5542

Ed McCarron
Director of Marketing                                                                                          emccarron@intelicoat.com                                                                                                      (413) 539-5147

John McCue
Director of Technology                                                                                           jmccue@intelicoat.com                                                                                                           (413) 539-5570

Peggy Eichelberger
Customer Service Manager                                                                           peichelberger@intelicoat.com                                                                                                (413) 539-5503



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